Friday, June 24, 2005


Hello this my address that i ve created with Nivath at SME , was tough by a teacher of IRI.
I hope u would like to see.
See u next time.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I speak Khmer badly but here's my best;

Sok subai chia tay bong?

Congrats and welcome to the blogosphere.

Wed Jul 20, 06:25:00 PM GMT+7  
Anonymous Roger Carr said...

Hello from Melbourne, Australia.

Wed Jul 20, 07:18:00 PM GMT+7  
Blogger d-fens said...

a big welcome to the blog community from the south of Germany..

I'd really love to read more about your country - from the people who live there, not from reporters..

Wed Jul 20, 07:54:00 PM GMT+7  
Anonymous Will Anjos said...

Hello from London, England.

Wed Jul 20, 07:55:00 PM GMT+7  
Anonymous tim g. said...

Many welcomes from slashdotters across America :)

Wed Jul 20, 08:16:00 PM GMT+7  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are being read here in Northridge, Cal U.S.A. Keep up the Good Work. Frank

Wed Jul 20, 09:02:00 PM GMT+7  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hello from North Dakota, USA!

Wed Jul 20, 09:12:00 PM GMT+7  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello from Woodbury, Minnesota: the land of ten thousands lakes but no shark.

I was born in Cambodia and was raised there for the first quarter of my life(12 years) and yes, I have gone through the whole nine yards of what happened in our homeland and live to tell the story.

Now I am home away from home, but Cambodia is always on my mind.

Thanks for the blog and welcome to the world wide web...

Thu Jul 21, 12:04:00 AM GMT+7  
Anonymous David said...

Hello from Washington, D.C., in the USA! I have been to Cambodia twice. I visited Phnom Penh, Siem Reap, and Ban Lung in Ratanakiri Province. Anybody here from Ratanakiri? (I don't know whether Ratanakiri has Internet access.)

Chum reap leer! --David

Thu Jul 21, 01:01:00 AM GMT+7  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hello from los angeles, CA, USA!

-- anonymous =)

Thu Jul 21, 02:55:00 AM GMT+7  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, you are being read. You'll be surprised how many people read bloggs. It doesn't matter what kind, good or bad there's always someone from somewhere reading bloggs.
Keep up the good work and keep writing.

Thu Jul 21, 07:18:00 AM GMT+7  
Anonymous Eric said...

Sok sabai jie te!

Greetings from Minnesota, USA. :)

Thu Jul 21, 08:18:00 AM GMT+7  
Anonymous Rich said...

Sour Sadi: Kyom Ultay.
Hi, I understand. I am american but I will marry with Vwuern in the Pailin area of Kampuchea in November when I return. I love Khmer also. I was with her family april 13 to 18 for the new year. We had fun with water and party, music and dance. This is first time I eat dog, very good. I eat 2 times. I have been to Thailand 5 times, now I will move to Thailand. After we Marry we will live in Chanthabury, Thailand. I will buy land in Cambodia for farm. Family can farm this land for money for family. I will make house on land for Vwuern and Me. I like to help people. I like to see children go to school. I give money for Vwuern to have school, small cost. 1000 baht ($25.) for 5 months. She can study English. I study Khmer on my computer. I want to help children go to school. Children can help families. I think this is good. My name is Rich. I hope to see you in Kampuchea.

Thu Jul 21, 11:34:00 AM GMT+7  
Anonymous PaulS said...

Sur-sday from Los Angeles California, USA. I just want to say I'm so very glad that blogging, even if it's just a beginning, has penetrate Cambodia. It's about time. I will try to come back and hopefully there are more entries to read. By for now.

Fri Jul 22, 02:07:00 AM GMT+7  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are famous now! Keep on writing!

Sat Jul 23, 12:24:00 AM GMT+7  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello from Denmark, Europe!

Mon Jul 25, 12:08:00 AM GMT+7  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Welcome to blogging. Congratulations on your achievement. This comes from Florida, USA where some of my staff are just now learning what a blog is. So you are to be complemented. In a land of plenty, many do not take time to learn.

Mon Jul 25, 08:47:00 PM GMT+7  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi. It is good to see your blog.

Tue Jul 26, 09:02:00 PM GMT+7  
Anonymous Adriana said...

Hello there!

I'm reading your blog from Brisbane Australia!

Keep going!


Thu Aug 11, 03:33:00 PM GMT+7  
Anonymous Khema said...

I'm reading your Blog from Washington DC. Congretulation

Wed Nov 09, 09:05:00 AM GMT+7  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Love to see this new generation in Cambodia developing your communication with the wide wide world! May your dreams for the future of your great country reach to the stars. We in America are rooting for you! Texas, USA

Wed Dec 28, 01:05:00 PM GMT+7  

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