Wednesday, July 27, 2005


YCC is from the word Youth Council of Cambodia.This is an Org that donated by IRI for fostering the democracy in Cambodia, not only for student college to help.

We need every youth in our country to develop.Most of the youth in Cambodia have not finished college yet and some can't go to college eventhough they graduated from high school. it is difficult for them to understand what the democracy is ! For students in the countryside. In the countryside has no college, even high school. Most of them have to stop study.

Ycc has an representator in each provinec but only 9 in Cambodia.Every representator has to organize the plan to teach every youth about Democracy.

Friday, July 22, 2005

Thank for Teacher Lux Mean very much that tough us how to create the Blogg. So we can save everything to show evryone abroad as you see ours.
we wish him all the best !

youth council of Cambodia

This is a picture has taken in Agricultural College in Battambang branch. When we have a ycc-network meeting on the 27th June 2005.This meeting donated by IRI.Mr Mark Sarath is a facilitator. Mr Kan Sichhanto is represent in Battambang branch, including Nareth,Nivath, Sangeoum,Savieth,Bopha and other else. The monk has joined too.


Nareth is a Cambodia Girl. She is 18 and going to graduate from high school this year. She lives with her Grandparents in Kompongpreah Village, a town of Battambang . Her parents died when she was young.It 's so sad ! She has two sisters no brothers.She drives to school everyday by Moto for a bout 15 Km from her huose to school.It ' s so far for a girl. However, she still try hard.
When she has free time she always goes to Kandal Pa to meet her friends . Sometime she and hers spend much time to talk about how to be a peacemaker. She has an English class at 5-6 pm with her six friends to talk about the 14th Dalia Lama ,the spiritual leader of Tibet. Not only this thing, Nareth is a team leader of Youth Vision Group also.
It would be nice, if you come to visit Cambodia to see all of us in Kandal Pagoda !
We would enjoy wellcoming you.

Nivath is a Cambodian Man.He is 20. He lives in Kandal Pagoda in Battambang Town. He graduated from high school and a student college right now. He also has many actions as Nareth. He is a good one , always helps many people. He is a member in Environment Group,Donated by YFP too.
He loves learning Computer very much but he has on for personal. So it' s difficult to do the asignment. Nareth,Nivath, Savieth,Bopha and Sangeoum have lunch altogether in Kaldal Pa.It's hard to understand each other, a very small thing only can make violence. The best way they try to have a discussion, share Knowledge and care for each other. Peace will be in our mind.
I love all of my people and i would do everything for them. When i love them , they will love me too. Nivath said. The more we develop ahimsa in our being, the more infectious it becomes,until it overwhelms our surroundings and, by and by it might oversweep this world ! we are each indiviually responsible for our own salvation and our own happiness.