Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Cambodian Children. They are the backborn of the country.


Anonymous Rich said...

I know children in the Pailin area of Cambodia. Very respectful and well behaved. I was so happy when I gave them some dolls from Thailand to play with and saw their big smiles. They were surprised and did not know what to do at first. When they took the toys they held them so dear, as someting very special. I gave badmitton game and volly ball to the older students, and my frizby. They made me very happy when we played together. I am 54 and it is great to be able to share in fun with the youth. This makes me feel young also. I love it. I am happy to be their friend as I am happy to be yours. Hope to see you soon. You may write to me at

Sat Aug 06, 01:09:00 PM GMT+7  
Blogger RIP said...

Religion shapes the nation beginning with the youngs. Cambodia was at its peak when Hinduism had been the religion of the country. Later the Buddhism was brought in from India by the Indian and Chinese traders and was quickly embraced by many Khmers. The original Buddhism was meant to be just a teaching and not a religion. Since then Cambodia began to decline in both economic and military. The moral teaching of the later is good but rather lacking self motivation and determination. It also disconnect the people from the Divine intervention to merely a philosophical teaching. It is just too passive to live by. If we continue with this path, Cambodia will continue to descend even further into worse poverty. It is time that our youg children start to look into the new way of thinking and believing that will shape our nation for future survival. And hopefully it will put the country back into a great Angkor era when the people re_establish contact with God.

Sat Aug 20, 01:08:00 AM GMT+7  

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