Thursday, September 29, 2005

Lhamo Thundup Group.

I' m also a network of YCC in Battambang . I' m learning the Photoshop in Phnom Penh right now and go back to work in a studio photoshop in Battambang as I finish.


I thank for my friend very much for helping me to up-date this blog as possible both pictures and spend. I real don't have enough to support myself.

Nareth : YCC network in Battambang.

I am going to university as soon as in Battambang . I like studying IT very much.In the future I want to work on Computer.

Nivath : YCC network in Battambang.

I and my closed friend, Nareth have just graduated from high school but we have no possible to go to college that our parents are poor.

We try to do what we can.Nareth is interested in being as a translator and I want to be a Doctor in the future.

Bopha : YCC network in Battambang.

This is the first time to join as group.I learned a lot from this term, know how to make Peace , bound together to pass , responsibility that we have to respect the time, good relation and other more.

Especialy I know a very good leader who can help humanity into the 21st century. If Cambodia gets the worse thing as Tibet , Do we have the good leader as Dalai Lama ?

Venerable Cambodian Monk : Som Saroun.


Failing Exam makes me hopeless. But i got many advices from Dalai Lama. He is a verygood leader I had ever known, Altruism and Compassion. He tried to help his country with Non-violence since 1950, China had invaded.Chinese killed,tutored and impresioned, however,Tibet still smile and laugh waiting to see their own future with hopeful.

So I should effort more as Tibetan do.Failing is a good experience

Venerable Cambodian Monk : Phat Phanit.

When i heard the bad situation that had happened to Tibet by Chinese, I feel so sad and if i compare to our own country ,How can we do and What will happen to Cambodia if that thing happen ?

Venerable Cambodia Monk Mao Choun.

They are talking about The 14th Dalai Lama , spiritual leader of Tibet.This Group called Lhamo Thundup,the name of Dalai Lama when he was young and after changed to the 14th Dalai Lama.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Venerable Monk and Girl work together.It is not good for the layperson to witness,But do they think the best way to work with Monk ? We can get many advices and share knowledge.

As MahaGhosanonda said Monks can go everywhere not just only in the Monastery but to the refugee camps,prison and else where that has suffering to save people.


If I need Justice from the other, I must make it first and poeple around would follow. So that we have Justice in our whole world.

Venerable Monk Kong Vutha.

Youth vision is not an organization, A small group only.We Cambodian youth have ten members had been trained about Culture of Peace and Leadership in Battambang.

After that we tried to name our group and we found Youth Vision on 10 May 2005. We used to have workshop with the youth in the countryside.We just shared what we have not to teach. We got sucessful-working well with them.

When Mr Lux came to Battambang to teach us how to create the blog , we decided to choose Youth Vision on our blog. It is very nice we can show our Cambodian Youth , Vision and how Cambodia development, especialy we can make communication with people all over the world as comment.