Friday, January 20, 2006

Hello Everyone ! I am Limhou from Cambodia. I am a volunteer staff at Youth For Peace ( YFP ) in Battambang.

We try to help other youth to join every action in society to develop our world peace. I like very much working with youth, However It's so tired.

I want all people live in an enjoyable, not poor not rich. But in Cambodia, Most people try to oppress the poor.

By the way We didn' t see any democratic in our country. Most student leave from university have no job to do.

The Education isn' t good but School is being built a lot. How can We help our country develop, If We have nothing to eat ?


Visited Mondol Kiri was so great ! It has a beautiful water fall-Bosra. Many people go and see our natural resources.

Driking alcohol at night was so romantice.It was produced by Cambodian people lived in Modol Kiri Province.