Wednesday, June 28, 2006

I feel I am a new one. I' ve known many friends. It's Interesting!

YCC shows me us a good way to help each other, make friendship and share knowledge.

I wish all people helped each other and improved Human Rights and Democracy.

Ninav, ycc network.

I am so sorry for our country. Many people have no rice to eat, no opportunity to study, but Rich and powerful people become more stronger and stronger.

I should'nt be hopeless. Thoes couldn't live forever.

Phanith-a student at high school.

Yuna spends much time working in her community. She volunteers for association in her village-Health Care.

When She has free time, She goes and listen to her commune meeting once a month.

She hopes everything will better when people get high knowledge.

I am undergraduate at College in Battambang. I always join every workshop that invole in our society.

I want all people living in Peace, No corruption and Improve Democracy.

Vith, YCC network.

I just graduated from high school last year and I am studying to be a clerk for the next few months. I've never thought I do this job.

Maybe I'll be away from friends and Ycc. But I'll try to find any good time to .meet them

Togn, Ycc network.

I am studying at Training School Teacher In Battambang. Next year, I am going to leave from school and teach at any school I don't know.

I will be far away from family and friends. But I love my job ! I can help My students by giving them every good advice.

Keadeth, YCC network.

I want all people love for each other, help each other, no poverty or rich. People should get a chance to go to school.

Before I didn't know how I can help my society. After I joint with YCC I understand well.

I'll try best to improve what I can to help my people.

Kalayan, YCC network.

I am studying at Mony Vong High School in Battambang. Maybe I'll go to college in Battambang, not going to Phnom Penh.

I want to work for NGOs. I think it's better. When I have free time I always join the workshop or going and listen to my commune meeting.


I am very happy when I make many friends during I became Ycc network.

I know a lot of people from different areas. We are in the same native, language and culture, we should love and care for each other.

Sarath-a student at high school

Prem Is a student at Mong Rersey high school in Battambang.

He became YCC network last year,after he joint Advanced Democracy Seminar.

He said He's a too happy to be like that. He made many friends through YCC and every good action to advance Democracy.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

I just come to Battambang to continue my study at high school.

You know I got a lot of knowledge about Democracy from YCC. I also made many friends. I would try hard to advance Democracy through this.


I am YCC's network in Battambang. I used to go and listen to my commune council meeting for a few times.

It's so different ! I had never known what they'd done. After I joint I knew about their action of how try hard they do for our people.
Right now I know it's too important to do that. In name of Cambodian I must know what my leader does for us.

I am going to leave from high school this year. I wish I got a chance to go to college.


I am Vannra,19 and I am student at high school. Before I have never joint any society action. I only try hard to study.

Now I think the best way to be a good one is to join. So that I could make many friends and get a lot of knowledge more.

After I leave from high school, I am going to continue my study at college.

I am an English teacher, teach at my hometown-Banteay Meanchey Province. I used to join the Advanced Democracy Seminar and some actions with YCC.

I like this action very much. They showed me a lot of ways to be a good youth, to know my obligation. Also I knew a lot of people.

I would very much be a good teacher and give every good advice to my students. I always wish my country be a real democratic as the others.


I'm Sokhom, 25, Cambodian. I am a volunteer staff at Youth Council of Cambodia in Battambang.

I have changed my life and idea when I started to join with YCC. I make communication well with the youth.
I share them every knowledge about democracy and also learn from them a lots.

I wish I could be a good one for helping my country and my people.

Hello Everyone ! My name is Yany. I am 20. I am an undergraduate at BBU.

I always do something in the name of youth. However I am too busy with study, But I usually make communicate with my commune.

I go and listen to the meeting once a month but sometime they don't. Hmmm ! I like working with YCC.